MY PC history

first PC:80486 dx66 16MB RAM 1G HDD

second PC: Pentium II 300, other forget

third PC: Pentium whatever, around 1000

4th PC: AMD 1800+, 1G ram GF5600

5th PC: use case of third PC(avoid mom complaint) AMD 2100+, 1.5G ram final, GF??, all usable component given to friends (my real first PC)

6th PC:AMD 2600+ 1G ram GF6600

7th PC: when my brother want to play WOW faster, jump from 4th to this one, AMD 4800+ 4G ram, GF9800

8th PC: then I change from 5TH, AMD 4800+, 4G ram, GF9800

9th PC: I bought for TV set, but my brother taken it, that is AMD 3800+ 4G ram, ATI2600

10th PC: EEEPC 901, the netbook birth, as the whole world know that we most of time don’t need such super power pc.

11th PC: Acer 1810tz, even the world don’t need such a power, I still need some power for process, well also hdd space.

it is the end of my pc list, if I can live longer then u, I will keep on have new PC, mainly for playing game.

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