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Guys, I will learn.

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

I will not apologize for my straight and strange thinking anymore, I will also not apologized my repeating forcing anymore, I know that is useless just keeping on annoy anyone after said sorry. Instead, I am changing, I know I cannot learn quick enough, may be take several years to change, please help me when I lost my way, and forgive me when you meet stupid Yuen again .

Yuen last LOCK is finally broken, released from my 1x years damn argued with my father (Sorry, father, I am such a stupid [see past post]). Well, that happen in Web? or Thu? Where? That doesn’t matter anymore. As I blog before, I always push myself forward, but no longer in that extreme ways, yes, that both hurt others and myself. I can walk, also run, the different is now I realized nearby , and will try be behave polite not hit you down.

It should be last review post of my life, never look backward again, there are new challenge waiting for me, and that is necessary keep push myself forward. Be strong with my combined personality, be polite not only for game, but for everyone, and do need to know others feeling before any actions.

Well, I know my mood change already, but I am still full of needle on body. I have meeting with my my secondary friends tomorrow, thanks for them still take Yuen as friend, thx all, I will be polite, promise.

(English text may full of wrong meaning [Yuen is E grade @English], but, well, Vista is installing, Chinese is hard to type, at least, this post should be more accurate than any excuses I make before. )


Saturday, March 8th, 2008